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college recital

Cumuli realizes college recitals by guitarist and musicologist dr Ari van Vliet. Guitarras! tells the story of cultural history from Renaissance to present through the eye of the guitar: El Polyfemo de Oro. In words and images and interpretation the performing practice of music in culture comes to life. This college recital is a presentation of poetry,  projection of art, performance of music on Renaissance guitar, vihuela, Baroque guitar, Classic, Romantic, Spanish and Modern guitar.

The repertoire of guitarist Ari van Vliet counts over 130 works for guitar solo that als released on compact discs. 

Latin Recital:  a live program with all the specific characteristics of South-American music. A survey of the beautiful music from Latin America with Villa-Lobos,  Lauro, Carlevaro, Brouwer.

Iberia: a recital of Spanish music through the ages. An entity that expresses the story of the guitar. Narváez, Mudarra, Sanz, Sor, Tárrega, Albéniz, Rodrigo, Torroba, Falla, Turina.

Guitar Collection: highlights from the solo repertoire for guitar. A recital with world-famous solo music by Sor, Coste, Tárrega, Carlevaro, Barrios, Villa-Lobos.

Collector’s Item: a cd in the tradition of arrangements from the classical and popular genres with O Sole Mio, La Paloma, Gymnopedie, Summertime, Feelings, Love Story, Moon River.

Atahualpa Yupanqui Instrumental: music from the instrumental repertoire of the Argentine folklorist. The chacarera and the milonga, the zamba and the carnavalito resonate in the countryside of South America. 

Napoléon Coste: the musical component of the biografy of Coste, performed on the heptacorde, the 7-string guitar hij developed. With the Souvenirs, the Fantaisie symphonique (first recording) and Le Passage des Alpes.

Bach: the 2nd lute suite BWV 997 Fantasia, Fuge, Sarabande, Gigue, Double; Praeludium BWV 999 and Fuge BWV 1000 played on a Bolin alto guitar. The Chaconne BWV 1004 played on a Fleta 1965.